Report Definition Of Report By Merriamwebster

Definition Of Report For English Language Learners A Story In A Newspaper Or On Radio Or Television That Is About Something That Happened Or That Gives Information About Something A Written Or Spoken

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Compliance Report Definition Dictionaryreversonet

Search Compliance Report And Thousands Of Other Words In English Definition And Synonym Dictionary From Reverso You Can Complete The Definition Of Compliance Report Given By The English Definition Dic

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Accident Report Definition Of Medical Dictionary

Report Report A Prepared Account Of An Event Investigation Or Evaluation Usually For Formal Presentation To An Authority Or Group Accident Report Incident Report Case Report A Narrative In The Profess

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Report Definition Of Report By The Free Dictionary

Report Rprt N 1 A A Formal Account Of The Proceedings Or Transactions Of A Group A Companys Annual Report B A Spoken Or Written Account Of An Event Usually Presented In Detail A News Report Reports Of

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Report Define Report At Dictionarycom

Report Definition An Account Or Statement Describing In Detail An Event Situation Or The Like Usually As The Result Of Observation Inquiry Etc A Report On The Peace Conference A Medical Report On The

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Report About Idioms By The Free Dictionary

All Content On This Website Including Dictionary Thesaurus Literature Geography And Other Reference Data Is For Informational Purposes Only This Information Should Not Be Considered Complete Up To Dat

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Report To Definition Of Report To By The Free Dictionary

I Would Not Even Look At The Report To Which You Allude If It Was Placed In My Handsi Have Heard More Than Enough Already Of That Hideous Life In The Palace At Venice

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Report To Idioms By The Free Dictionary

Report Something To Someone To Present A Body Of Information To Someone Please Report The Results To The Supervisor The Event Was Reported To The Proper Person See Also Report Report To Someone Or Som

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Report Meaning In The Cambridge English Dictionary

Report Definition 1 To Give A Description Of Something Or Information About It To Someone 2 To Be Described By People As Being Or Doing A Particular Thing Although There Is No Real Proof 3 To Make A C

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Report Legal Definition Of Report Legal Dictionary

Report An Official Or Formal Statement Of Facts Or Proceedings To Give An Account Of To Relate To Tell Or Convey Information The Written Statement Of Such An Accountfor Exam

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